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Hart to Hart Fan Fiction

Disclaimer: Hart To Hart and all its characters are owned by Spelling-Goldberg Productions, RONA II, and Columbia Tristar. Original script/story is by Sidney Sheldon. These stories were written as FAN FICTION and for the enjoyment and entertainment of the fans who loved Hart to Hart. No infringement is implied or intended.
These stories cannot be reprinted or changed. Violation of this will be reported.
Questions? Contact Nancy 2006


Some of these stories contain material that may not be suitable for all readers. If you are offended by sexually explicit material, please do not proceed.

Groups' Round Robins
 Round Robins are the results of Hart fans working together to write a story, one sentence at a time.
Altared Hart
Between A Rockford and A Hart Place
Bleeding Hart
Brave Hart
Feint-Harted Frenzy
Harrassed Hart
Hart Ache
Hart Attack
Hart Burn
Hart Failure
Hartfelt Sympathy
Hartless Harlot
Plague of My Hart
Stolen Harts

These Hart stories are the amazing works of Hart fans who enjoy writing fiction.

Anne's Fan Fiction
Harts to Find, Part One

Listen to Your Hart

Betty's Fan Fiction
Who Has My Hart?
Jennifer's Journal

Carol M's Fan Fiction
Out From His Shadow

Christina's Fan Fiction
Captured Harts

Claire M's Fan Fiction
Cause & Effect

Dayna's Fan Fiction
Jamie's Wish
Happy Birthday, Jamie!
Where's Jamie?
Jamie's Summer Vacation
Back to School for Jamie
A Surprise for All

Jan's Fan Fiction 
 The Deep Dark Secrets Affair
Legendary Harts
Happy Harts
Wish You Were Here
A Princely Hart
Stolen Hart
Take Time For Your Hart
Healthy Harts

Leslie T's Fan Fiction
A Mother's Hart
Beginning Hart
Hart of Doubt
Harts Agony
It's A Wonderful Hart
Missing Hart
The Year of the Hart
Twice in a Lifetime: The First Time
Twice in a Lifetime: The Second Time
Till Death Do Us Part
Truth of the Hart
Harts Fly A Kite
Broken Harts

Lilibeth T.
Return of Hart

Leslie W.'s Fan Fiction
Accidental Harts

Amok Time
And the Hart Adventure is Just Beginning
Oh, Sir, Just One More Thing
It Takes A Hart

Nancy's Fan Fiction
Keyes to My Hart
The Hart Truth

Pat B's Fan Fiction
A Love That's Divine
Change of Hart
Love is Patient, Love is Kind
Unbreak My Hart
Last of the Nice Guys

Sarah's Fan Fiction
A Beloved Hart
The Hart Truth

Susie B's Fan Fiction
Pandora's Hart: The Finished Story
Hartstruck: An Alternate Ending
Helpless Hart: The Finished Story
Hart's Divine

Tracy W's Fan Fiction
Hartstruck (A Missing Scene)

Tricia's Fan Fiction
Hart Surprise
Harts Always and Forever
Two Hart's in Trouble
Hart Aches

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Note from Nancy: I am not a proof-reader, grammar teacher, spelling guru nor a censorship maven (though I do reserve the right to NOT post something totally out of line or lewd). The stories appear as they were written and are posted for your enjoyment not your critique.