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I've been a fan of Stefanie's for a long time ... since the beginning of her career in the early 1960s. Thru the years, I had an intermittent correspondence with her and finally had the pleasure of meeting her about 15 years ago. As Max always said, "She's one terrific lady." Since that first meeting, I've had the great fortune of spending time with her on many occasions.

I started this group two or three years ago with 12 members. It continues to thrive and grow on a daily basis. About 20% of the membership has had a chance to meet her and they are always willing to share their stories/photos with our group. (You can read about some of the encounters at:

I have massive amounts of memorabilia on Stefanie, which she has dubbed "THE ARCHIVES." It is, undoubtedly, the most complete collection on her in existence. A small portion of the Archives is available for you online at:

Joining the group is easy ... and it's free! There are several options for receiving mail from us and there is no obligation to stay forever (but I think you will!)